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SVX Mexico’s team

  •  Has a deep knowledge of the regional impact ecosystem.
  • Altogether, we bring more than 30 years managing assets of institutional investors, government and high-net worth individuals.
  • Network in Canada, US, Mexico and LatAm.
  • Generates diversified strategies by evaluating the risk, return and impact of investments to maximize the value of your resources.

We seek to strengthen transactions where the essential component is H2H (Human to human). Let us help you look for the best investment opportunities, and create win-win synergies in which incentives are properly aligned for all stakeholders involved towards a common impact goal:

Our services

Training and market intelligence

“I want to know more and get training for me and my team in Impact Investment to find synergies with my current strategy”


“I want to design a complete strategy that helps me define, align and originate investment opportunities”


“I want to source pipeline and need support in the due diligence and terms of my investments, as well as implementing the short, medium and long term follow-up of my portfolio”

Measurement and Management

“I want to design the continuous improvement of my impact indicators under international standards, and manage to correlate them with my investment indicators”

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