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We turn your impact model into an investment opportunity

SVX Mexico’s team

  • Has a deep knowledge of the regional impact ecosystem.
  • Altogether, we bring more than 20 years working hand in hand with entrepreneurs
  • Network in Canada, US, Mexico and LatAm
  • It is our priority to understand how your company should be funded according to its capital and impact needs, and we specialize in alternative investment structures.

We seek to strengthen transactions where the essential component is H2H (Human to human). Let us help you find the ideal partner(s), and create win-win strategies in which incentives are properly aligned for all stakeholders involved towards a common impact goal:

Intelligent investment strategy

Impact Measurement

“I want to measure my social and environmental impact under global standards”

Financial Model

“I need a financial projection to help me validate if my company can be profitable”

Investment strategy

“How do I know how much money I have to raise, when is the right time, and how should I do it?”

Documents for Investors

“My potential investor is asking me for a document that explains my business and my investment strategy”

Capital Raising

“I need to know the right investor for my company and align it with my vision of impact”

Professional training

“I want to learn how to raise an impact investment for my social enterprise and be able to negotiate with investors”

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