About Us

We’re here to create the best version of the world for everyone

At SVX MX we cultivate investments with social and environmental impact, specializing in climate change, gender equality and transformative finance. Our mission is for capital to serve life, not to rule it.

We empower positive impact with education, market intelligence, consulting and investment structuring, using innovative tools such as alternative finance, blended finance and systems thinking. We have been working with clients for more than 5 years that include companies, investors, civil society organizations and the public sector in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Panama.

SVX Americas

SVX MX is part of a network of sister companies, SVX US and SVX, with whom we have had a deep alliance since our inception. SVX MX is autonomous, but we always rely on the collaboration and synergy of our North American counterparts.



We offer education, workshops, webinars, market intelligence and more, for individuals and organizations seeking to transform investment paradigms.


We advise organizations and individuals with diagnostics and strategies on investing.


We promote investment with innovation, using alternative instruments and blended finance.

Our Story

SVX was born in Canada as part of the MaRS Center for Impact Investing in collaboration with the Toronto Stock Exchange (TMX), and we have brought it to Mexico, adapting its model and strategy to the conditions of the Mexican market, since 2014. SVX also operates in United States as of 2016. We also have different networks of allies, mentors, events and institutions in the US and Europe that support and actively participate in the services provided by SVX MX


Our greatest added value

Impact investment market intelligence and more than 5 years of weaving relationships of trust with relevant communities: investors, farmers, entrepreneurs, environmental sector, among others.

Structuring of alternative investments, taking into account real market cycles, from the bottom up.

We are a Certified B Corp since 2017 and in 2021 we won the recognition: “Best For The World” for our high standards of social, environmental, transparency and corporate responsibility performance. Our company is a vehicle to develop a more inclusive and sustainable economy.


Laura Ortiz Montemayor

Founder and Chief Purpose Officer with experience in investment banking, Impact Investing Advisor and regenerative investments co-creator.
Passion: Building a regenerative economy and learning about Ecofeminism and Indigenous Wisdom.

Stevie Smyth Valdez​

CEO and shareholder with experience in blended finance, gender lens investing, alternative structuring and business development.

Passion: Investment with a gender perspective and hiking.


Director of Consulting Services with experience in designing and implementing sustainable development strategies and projects

Passion: Promote public policies that support SDG compliance. Road cycling

Miriam Magallón

Administration and accounting, with experience in banking and early stage companies.

Passion: Reading and enjoying time with family.

pablo galván

Associate consultant with experience in CIB and equity research.

Passion: Environment, economic inclusion, poverty alleviation and animal welfare.

erick lara

Associate consultant with experience in finance and data analysis.

Passion: Achieve a paradigm shift in investments and ensure sustainable development.

aarón lozano

Finance and Banking student, with experience in social entrepreneurship and focus on rural areas dependent on agricultural activities.

Passion: Technology and its application for problem-solving.

zurisaddai Hernández

International Business and Commerce student with experience in communication, design and digital content

Passion: Herbalism and ecological balance

Ana carolina LOREDO

Intern with experience in database research and structuring

Passion: Economy, cybersecurity and environment

Asesores de acuerdo a tus necesidades

SVX MX cuenta con un equipo de consultoría y aliados para complementar nuestros servicios y formar el mejor equipo para dar solución a tus necesidades.

Board of Advisors

Carlos Ortiz

Angel investor and Director of Sales and MKT at Transocean

Cecilia Turriago

Angel Investor, Managing Director Enecar.

Eduardo Mapes

Director at Mapes Asociados

Karla García

Personal Development Coach at KGT Coaching (Family Office with an Impact Investment Strategy)

Benjamin Ortiz Reguer

Engineer from UNAM, Entrepreneur, Founding CEO Eaco Mexicana, UNAM Professor.


Si te interesa trabajar en SVX MX, déjanos tu información en nuestra bolsa de trabajo.


lead market intelligence and impact investment education projects in Mexico and Latin America, as well as the SVX MX communication and community team.